On Saturday 5th December, there seemed to be a real buzz around the Leeds community. Rumour has it that Santa was travelling through Rawdon spreading Christmas joy to its residents. Here at Lightmedia, we can confirm that it’s true!

Mr Claus got in touch with the Lightmedia team a short while back to see if we had any ideas on how he could travel to Leeds in a safe and socially distanced way. As a result, we decided to get creative and knowing that Santa’s reindeers needed to rest up for Christmas Eve, we suggested pulling his sleigh behind one of our Lightmedia trucks.

Greeting Santa at Jubilee Hall in “Zone One,” the first out of the five separate locations we travelled through, the Lightmedia team made sure Mr Claus was comfy in his sleigh while our experienced technician safely hooked him up to our vehicle. Pulling his sleigh was one of our 12sqm mobile LED screens which displayed Santa joyfully waving to the Rawdon community through a live stream shown via a camera LMD set up on the back of the truck.

Our unique mobile LED screen was the perfect choice to display Santa as its high resolution and full colour display captivated families who patiently waited at the top of their street, to give Santa a socially distanced wave.

Even Santa must stay safe from Coronavirus and the Lightmedia team were extremely happy to help him spread some Christmas cheer.