My colleague and I had been assigned the Isle of Wight event for the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on Saturday 6th May 2023. After the screening on Saturday, the screen was utilised to show films for the two days following the coronation on Sunday 7th and Monday 8th May.  The site in which the modular LED screen was built was the spectacular Osborne House, which was a truly beautiful venue for showing the historical event. 

Despite some unfortunate weather on the day of the coronation, everyone enjoyed their time at Osborne House due to the fantastic atmosphere the screen provided and the magnificent hosting from English Heritage. They provide many other events around the country at breath-taking historical sites.


Day 1, Travel Day 

We set off from our Leeds headquarters at around 12:30pm. The distance from start to finish is around 270 miles which included driving and taking a ferry across The Solent between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

We arrived at the port a couple of hours earlier than intended which led to us entering the Isle of Wight early. We got to the hotel at around 8:30pm and enjoyed a good night’s sleep in preparation for the build on Day 2.


Day 2, The Build 

We got up for breakfast at 6.30am & arrived at Osborne House at 8am. After unloading the required equipment, we commenced the build & set-up.  

So, firstly the stage is built on which the screen will rest, this took 30 minutes and allowed us to build the screen up from the bottom. By 12noon the modular LED screen was fully built, and we then prepared to power it by cabling and connecting to a generator. The rest of the build involved sound tests from the speakers, display tests and getting our systems connected to satellites for a stable connection to a channel that will show the coronation.

We were fully finished by 5pm and ready to enjoy some dinner back at the hotel after a successful day on site.

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Day 3, The Coronation 

It was Saturday and we were ready to show the coronation! We arrived on site for 8am and made sure everything was running smoothly before the public arrived to enjoy the day. The audience started settling into the site just before 9am and by 10am all the seats arranged by the staff had been taken and the rest of the people had brought their own chairs to the venue.

The weather was miserable, however the patriotism and excitement for the event was most prominent. Union Jacks flew everywhere and stood as a sign of support from the people of the Isle of Wight to the recently crowned King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

The screen that Lightmedia provided for Osborne House truly made the day special for those who attended, as it allowed the local community to not only appreciate the beauty of the site but to also help them join each other in a time of historical importance and share a special day together.


The official screening of the coronation had finished at around 3pm but we continued screening the broadcasters looking back on the days’ events until 5pm when the venue’s event concluded. This allowed us to turn our systems off and finish at around 5:30pm. We enjoyed a local takeaway that night and headed to bed, ready for a second day of screening on the 7th.

Day 4 and 5, The Films 

After the day of the coronation, the screen was utilised to show a series of films for the next 2 days. In between the screening of the films, a 15-minute presentation was displayed on the big screen until the next film was ready to be shown.

On day 4, the weather was beautiful and complimented the site wonderfully.  Contrastingly, the weather on day 5 had been terrible. We sat in the on-and-off drizzle and wind until the last film when the weather suddenly turned and became sunny and warm.


Day 5, The De-Rig 

After the final film finished at 5pm my colleague and I de-rigged the modular LED screen and packed everything away for the drive back to Leeds. The order in which we had built the screen was the exact opposite order of how we had to take it down.

 We started with the cables and technological equipment first and then moved onto taking down the LED screen which took us a few hours and that brought us to the time of 7pm. The stage was then dismantled all equipment packed away. 

The whole de-rig process had taken us a respectable 3 hours to complete but allowed us to have enough time for a celebratory fish & chips. 


Day 6, Leeds Leeds Leeds !!!

Now for the second 270 miles of the trip. We left the hotel by 7:30am and boarded the ferry by 8:30am to get back onto mainland England. The ferry takes only an hour from the start of the voyage to the final destination, and we arrived at our premises for 2:30pm.

The whole event went really well from start to finish and we received compliments and good feedback from our clients and from the public which makes us at Lightmedia Displays proud of not only the work we have done at Osborne House but also the work we have done all over the UK on such a memorable occasion.