Here at Lightmedia, we think it goes without saying that we all deserve the most magical Christmas possible after the terrible year that has been 2020. So we got our thinking caps on and decided to come up with innovative and creative ideas as to how we could help your Christmas come alive with a LED screen.

Spread Christmas Joy with a LMD Winter Wonderland Extravaganza

Every year, when December 1st creeps up on you, we’re sure, like many of us at the LMD office, that although your first thought may be to dig out last years’ Santa hat and start singing “Santa Claus is comin’ to town” at the top of your lungs, it’s probably closely followed by that dreaded feeling. You know the feeling? When you start frantically flicking through your diary trying to figure out how you’re going to find the time to get your Christmas shopping done, or put your decorations up?

We’ve all been there, but although that’s the thought many of us have, we know that the true paramount of importance during the holidays is spending time with your loved ones. And although many of us may have given up on the thought of being able to spend time with our family and friends this Christmas due to the existing pandemic, here at LMD we’re here to help you celebrate Christmas 2020. We’re currently occupying the second lockdown of the year, however, we’re due to come out of it on December 2nd, and although some restrictions may still be in place during the Christmas period, we’re here to show you how you can make this Christmas a socially distanced, yet memorable one.


There’s no place like home for the holidays, which is why last year we created a magical Christmas evening comprising decorative snow, Christmas embellishments, reindeers and a bespoke 15m x 3m LED screen that enclosed Santa’s sleigh and featured wraparound graphics displaying a personalised message to the children in attendance. Proving to be the guest of honour, Santa handed out presents under the shower of fairy lights, a unique touch as it symbolised a beautiful starry night for guests. Adults relaxed around fire pits, enjoying alcohol served from a Gin shack LMD provided, with the night concluding with guests snuggled under cosy blankets enjoying an extravagant fire work display, all in the comfort of their own back garden.

The Lightmedia team pulled out all the stops to make sure we immersed the guests in a unique and magical experience, with the 4mm Pixel Pitch LED screen exceeding expectations in making sure it was the perfect Christmas occasion for all the guests. Which is why were keen to turn our LED screens into the ultimate Christmas experience for you again this year.

Watch Your Christmas Service Come Alive with a LED Screen

This year, we’ve seen an enormous increase in Drive-in events so it’s not surprising that church services are turning to them this Christmas. And it’s certainly heartening that The Church of England have launched their 2020 Christmas campaign with their theme being “comfort and joy,” with the means of capturing the two things they believe people need to experience after this “uniquely difficult year.” Their aim with the launch of a drive-in carol service is to “celebrate” where they can “together in one place”, which is why we believe this popular outdoor event would be perfect for all those wanting to connect with their faith this Christmas.

Of course, you may worry that many people have already accepted the idea of affirming their faith privately in their own home with the means of adhering to social distancing rules, however the functionality of a drive-in service after a very trying and at times, a lonely year, means that many people may want to reconnect and share their beliefs with their harmonious companions. Therefore a special drive-in event could be used as an opportunity to convene with existing members of your church.

Or it may be that your focus of this unique event is to attract people who perhaps normally visit church on an annual basis during the festive period, or perchance, entire newcomers. Whatever your purpose for the event LMD can help you. Depending on the estimated audience, our Excalibur 360°, a 45sqm mobile LED screen, is our most popular for drive-in events.

Whether your focal point is a choir, nativity, or a church service, we can provide the appropriate equipment to make sure your event runs effortlessly. From providing vision mixers for special effects, which can also be used to display lyrics to enable your guests to participate in the singing of hymns, to supplying an FM transmitter so your audience are able to clearly hear what is being said centre stage through their own individual car radios. And for your peace of mind, we ensure that an experienced technician is on hand throughout the entirety of your drive-in to help make sure your event is perfect.

Bringing people together through a drive-in church service enables you to perfectly portray the message of “comfort and joy,” while empowering many people to spread Christmas cheer and affirm their faith in God while certifying the use of social distancing guidelines.

When a Drive-in Won’t Do, Have a Drive-Thru

When Halloween was all but cancelled, many companies decided to get creative and swapped a haunted house for a theatrical drive-thru. The idea was that you’d slowly drive through the venue while actors decked out in costume and gory makeup would set up individual creepy scenes, jump out and frighten you. So why not make a family-friendly Christmas version?

With many parents worried that taking their kids to visit Santa this year will be cancelled, a festive themed drive-thru experience would be a perfect alternative. Customers would be able to make various pit-stops at different magical Christmas Scenes, featuring elves, reindeers, and of course Santa himself in a drive-thru grotto. Consider having an end focal point to make the event memorable, whether this would be a Christmas pantomime show or even a viewing of Christmas film classics that you could safely enjoy from the comfort of your own car.

With regards to LED screen specifications this would depend on many different factors, whether that may be your venue size, or on your ideas on incorporating screens into your drive-thru, but theoretically we would suggest the Excalibur 360°, our very popular 45sqm mobile LED screen or alternatively the 27sqm Picture Box screen.

Whatever your plans, LMD use the latest production equipment from a wide range of manufacturers to create a bespoke solution for every event. From live streaming, to staging, vision mixers to sound and PA systems, we provide all the equipment needed and highly skilled and experienced operators and engineers to make sure your drive-thru event is a magical Christmas experience for the whole family.

So There’s No Need to Cancel Christmas this Year

There’s no secrecy in the fact that Christmas is going to be different this year, but why not try and make the most of it where we can? The LMD team are passionate with the notion that Christmas doesn’t have to be cancelled this year. We see it as on opportunity to get creative with our LED screens and see how we can help you come together in a socially distanced way and who knows you may be able to create new events and traditions that last for many more years to come.

Whatever your plans for Christmas may be, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to see how we could help you keep the Christmas spirit alive. From all of us here at Lightmedia Displays, we wish you a very merry, but safe Christmas.