Wednesday 5th – Sunday 9th June 2019 (5 Days)

Portsmouth was the focal point of the UK commemorations for D-Day 75 & there was a host of events taking place from 5 to 9 June, including the UK’s national event on 5 June – being organised by the Ministry of Defence on behalf of HM Government and in association with the Royal British Legion.

LMD supplied the following screens & Production equipment:

  • 2 x 45 Sqm Mobile LED Screens
  • 1 x 27 Sqm Mobile LED Screens
  • On board Generators
  • Production Facilities
  • OB Van
  • 3 x MIcrowave links for Screen Relay
  • Offcom Microwave Licences
  • 2 x Manned Cameras
  • Screen Technicians at each screen location
  • 1 x Vision Mixer /Director
  • 2 x Remote Robotic Cameras
  • 1 x Satellite Down Link for coverage from Normandy
  • Production & Site Meetings

Wednesday – The Ministry of Defence organised event was the focal point of the National commemorations, LMD provided 3 large mobile screens in the public arena to allow the public to follow the proceedings within the main event site.  We took a direct production feed from the BBC Production trucks and sent this over a combination of fibre and microwave out to out OB van this was mixed with an assortment of pre-recorded VT and graphics including Veteran stories and interviews along with assorted sponsors adverts and public safety information graphics. This was all implemented with our own dedicated satellite downlink of the BBC1 output of the day to allow the showing of other Programming such as the One Show that was being broadcast from elsewhere in Portsmouth that day.  The audio mix for the public arena was mixed from within our OB van.

Thursday – Once the BBC had finished we moved in backstage with our OB van to take over all the live video production and control, this included providing feeds to the screens both on and beside the stage. From 8am we took a feed of the event in Normandy from a dedicated satellite downlink truck and relayed this out to all LED screens, this was followed by the playout of some documentaries about D-day

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – LMD provided 4 HD cameras (2 Manned and 2 Robotic Remote) as well as advert playout facilities to support the Portsmouth Revival Festival. A weekend of family entertainment and activities, with music and dancing from the 1940s.

The Lightmedia team were so proud to have been involved in such a historical and moving event