1. Make the call on 01274 691222 and get in touch with a friendly member of the team

2. Some information you will be asked for – the date of your event, location, content you would like to show on the screen, audience size (can be tough, but roughly will do, we won’t be doing a head count ? ) Will your event be on hard standing or grass and you will be asked a few questions about the positioning of the screen. We will then advise you as to what LED Screen solution will fit your needs, whether it be Modular screen, which can be built to your required size (a bit like lego) and flown on a truss or secured on decking with ground support. Or alternatively one of our Mobile screens, of which we have a different array of sizes ranging from 12sqm-45sqm. Here at LMD we also offer a full bespoke package for production from experienced camera operatives and vision mixers and local sound, if your requirement for sound is above what we are experts in, we bring in our sister sound company.

3. Our team will put together a bespoke quote based on the information you have supplied. This quote is a working document so sometimes you may want to add additional equipment to enhance your event. We email your quote and then give you a courtesy call after you have had time to digest the information and ask for your feedback and hopefully confirm the screen for your event We always try to accommodate with client’s budgets, however, we know that cheap is not always best. You get what you pay for as they say! You tend to find that if you get a much cheaper quote from another company, there is always a reason, and as we have experienced quite a few times, especially this year with a lot of smaller LED screen companies, clients have rung us in a panic on the day of their event saying that company xyz have not turned up and can we help. The chances are that xyz company who the client booked with will have taken another job on for more money and left you in the lurch. Professional NO! Totally not acceptable in our eyes.

4. Always read the feedback from clients on your chosen screen companies website, and you may find that some feedback is not recent, which leads one to question, do they update their website or have they not had any positive feedback since then? Here at Lightmedia we have such confidence in our feedback we are more than happy to let you speak to any of our past clients.

5. In addition to making sure that our clients feel fully supported along the way, Lightmedia assign a dedicated Project Manager to your event and you will be given a mobile number where you can contact them out of the usual office hours. Planning an event for the first time or even if you are more experienced, you may find yourselves working late into the night and it may be that just getting an answer from your dedicated screen company will help you move on to other aspects of your event. The number will be available 24/7. Yes, we mean it! We work 7 days a week so there is always someone at the main office to answer your call.

6. Unlike smaller LED Screen companies Lightmedia have not only the volume of mobile LED Screens and modular screens available and a huge amount of production equipment, we have never let clients down and have not done in 20 years of trading! With smaller companies, who may have a great website but when you research a bit more thoroughly and see how long they have been trading etc. you may have doubts. If they only have a couple of screens what is to say that if they got a job in at more money they won’t drop you. Have confidence in LMD as we have the screens and if you want you can come to our workshop and actually see them. We don’t say anything that we cannot back up with evidence.

7. Take a look at our customer charter and you can see what the LMD Team work towards. We are also a very helpful bunch of people, who really want your event to be a huge success so all the team go above and beyond to achieve that goal. We always send a customer feedback form to every client, so over the years, we have worked on getting every area to an excellent standard. Our feedback forms are always available for potential clients to view. We don’t have anything to hide; we are a transparent and honest company, with an exceptionally high level of integrity, which is rare nowadays in any industry. Life moves so quickly with the internet and social media and fast responses are required. We understand that and we have moved with the times, but also believe in building a personal relationship with our clients and picking the phone up where it’s required. As the BT company used to say for those who remember that far back “it’s good to talk”

8. We are very proud of what we have achieved in the last 20 years here at LMD

9. LMD is a responsive organisation and works to tight deadlines. Example, at 7;45 pm one Tuesday night we took a call from a client who was very distressed. She worked for a Marketing Agency and she had booked a LED modular screen to do a demonstration of her concept to a major PLC for the next day. The screen company she had booked, were not answering her calls and she was understandably in a panic. The LMD team got to work and the MD himself went to load the equipment and pulled in the rest of the team from their various locations to meet at the client’s office. The screen was set up that evening and tested for 10pm. The demo went well the next morning, they got the contract and we got the work. Since then we have worked on quite a few projects with them. The testimonial they gave us is amazing as you can imagine.

10. The point I’m making here is…….. we are a great company who are really happy to make sure your event is successful. Give us a call or drop us an email and let’s see what we can do for you in 2018.

  1. sales@lightmedia.co.uk
  2. Tel: 01274 691222