What can I plug into the screen?
The processor connected to the screen has a range of inputs, from HDMI, DVI, Display Port and SDI. So, anything from your work laptops to high-end Vison mixers.
Can I supply my own slideshow / PowerPoint presentations?
Yes, you can supply your content to us prior to your event or give it to the onsite technicians on the day, and they will ensure it works correctly with the LED screen.
Can we perform a run-through or do a dry run beforehand?
Absolutely, mention beforehand, and we can schedule the time for you to visit our head office, prior to your event & you can view the screen in action. Or alternatively, if you require a rehearsal day onsite, please advise our sales team at the quotation stage and they can incorporate this on your quote.
Will the Technician stay for the duration of the event?
Yes, our experienced technicians will be at your event for the set-up, duration, and de-rig to ensure that your event is a huge success.
My event site has restrictions. Does that matter?
We have an extensive fleet of mobile LED screens with different heights and lengths, enabling these to fit through the trickiest of restrictions for outdoor events. Additionally, we stock a large amount of modular LED panels, and this solution can be built to any size required once onsite as they arrive in flight cases.
Do you supply LED screens for indoor & outdoor events?
LED screens are used for outdoor and indoor events. They are known for their high brightness and visibility in various lighting conditions.
Can the screen be seen in all weather conditions?
Due to the high resolution, high brightness, and vivid colours of our LED screens, they can be seen in direct sunlight & rain, etc. If the wind increases to 30mph or over, our mobile LED screens will need to be lowered to trailer level due to health and safety.
Can I contact Lightmedia Displays at any time?
Yes, our phone line is open 24/7 with a dedicated and experienced member of our team at the other end of the line. We specialise in last minute events, therefore, please call and we will be able to help make your event a huge success.
If I confirm more than one event over the year with yourselves, do I receive a discount?
Yes, we’d be delighted to extend a discounted rate when multiple events are booked. The discount will vary based on the number of events you plan to host, with a more substantial discount offered as you increase the quantity of bookings. The more events you reserve, the greater the discount you’ll enjoy!
If I wanted to screen a movie, do you organise the license for us?
Unfortunately, we can’t organise the licensing for you, as the company who hold the rights require event information from yourselves, which we would be unaware of. You will need the permission of the company who hold the rights. This can be done very easily through a company called www.filmbankmedia.com. This company holds a vast library of titles including brand new releases.
In relation to screen content, what format should I provide this in?
All Content Video and Stills to be 1920 x 1080 in size unless otherwise agreed e.g., for a non-standard screen size. Whenever possible please provide any content a minimum of 3 working days before the event for testing. Large files can be sent by file transfer platforms such as Google Drive/One Drive or WeTransfer, please also bring a copy with you on a Mac or Windows compatible memory stick or hard drive on the day of the event, in the event of any changes to the content please advise the technician on your event day.
Can we run adverts in between the live show for our sponsors?
Yes, no problem at all… Our only request would be a schedule for when you would like the adverts running on the screen, for the technician onsite.
Can you record our event?
Yes, we can provide a recording of the footage which is shown on the screen from your live event, this can be saved on a hard drive and then downloaded by our technical team, and you will then receive a link with the footage. Or additionally, we can supply isolated recordings from each camera and what they film (if we are providing cameras for your event).
Can you provide the feed to a football match which is showing on BT Sport?
BT Sport is a pay TV subscription service, which we do not offer, you would need to provide the feed directly for BT Sport/Sky or other similar networks. We can provide the cabling from your feed to the screen, please advise our sales team the distance of cabling required and the connection. We can provide a satellite feed to the screen; However, this is for terrestrial TV only.
Do your screens include sound?
Our 95” LCD Display screens have inbuilt sound. However, our Mobile & Modular LED screens do not. We can provide sound equipment, please advise our sales team your crowd expectancy, and they can advise the best solution.
What if it rains?
No problem all our screens are waterproof
What does LED mean?
LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode.” It is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current passes through it. LEDs are commonly used in various applications, including lighting, displays (such as LED screens and digital billboards). They are known for their energy efficiency & durability for their high brightness and visibility in various lighting conditions.
I’d like to film the live event and relay the content to screen; Do you supply cameras?
Yes, we can supply cameras, camera operators & microwaves to enable the camera to be roaming. We stock Ikegami, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Blackmagic broadcast cameras, as well as a variety of remote PTZ HotHead solutions, can be supplied with a variety of lenses, viewfinders, and focus remotes. Full broadcast chains with RCP controls are available. We have several different wireless camera systems available to suit various budgets and situations. Jimmy Jibs and Pole cameras are available to hire individually or as part of your event production.

Thank you for browsing through some of our most frequent questions. Any enquiries please contact sales@lightmedia.co.uk

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