On the 19th of September 2022, the period of national mourning came to a close following the funeral of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our team at Lightmedia Displays acknowledged the ceremony with deep sorrow, and our offices were closed for the day to allow time to reflect on the legacy of such a great female leader.

Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne on the 6th of February 1952 marking her as the longest-reigning monarch in the nation’s history. Throughout her 70 year reign, she has shown great dedication servicing our country and the Commonwealth. Her majesty demonstrated a massive sense of duty and commitment.

Hundreds of thousands of viewers all around the nation gathered in squares, city centres, cathedrals, parks, government buildings as well as their own homes to watch her Majesty’s funeral ceremony. With radio and television broadcasters covering the event all day, the funeral has been named the most watched event in history, with approximately 4.1 billion viewers worldwide. Kings & Queens, Emporers, Prime Ministers and leaders from all around the globe attended the funeral in the magnificent Westminster Abbey.

Lightmedia was delighted to be asked to supply Manchester City Council with our LED screens throughout the city. Thousands of viewers gathered in Exchange Square and Cathedral Gardens in order to watch the broadcast of the funeral on our Huge screens. The rain began to pour, however it didn’t stop the massive onlooking crowds from continuing to spectate the special occasion at our site locations. Mourners across the country acknowledged a 2 minute silence to mark the ceremony.

queens funeral screening

Our funeral screenings of the event were very successful despite the sad circumstances, and what a truly spectacular, meticulously managed and undeniably moving day. Huge thanks go out to all the organisers, Police, RAF, Armed Forces, Royal Navy and all the other services that were involved.

We would like to express our gratitude for being part of such an iconic/significant event. The 19th of September certainly celebrated the Queen’s life and everything she has done for this nation.

We are deeply saddened that the Elizabethan era and ruling of such an amazing leader has come to an end. Her Majesty was a true icon of inspiration to most and our thoughts and prayers remain with the Royal Family and the British Nation.

Editorial credit: Loredana Sangiuliano / Shutterstock.com

Editorial credit: Michael Tubi / Shutterstock.com