The events industry relies on large groups of people coming together to enjoy a spectacle, which means it is one of the hardest hit sectors during this pandemic. Events have been postponed or cancelled all over the world. Comedians and musicians can’t perform their gigs and concerts, and athletes have had the peculiar challenge of staying home while trying to remain fit and ready for when their sports recommence.

While this has been an absolute disaster for both artists and events organisers, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Festivals and Concerts

Artists have been forced to cancel concerts and abandon tours due to the lockdowns and social-distancing measures brought in to control the spread of the virus. Many of them are already rescheduling the cancelled dates for next year, though this is something of a logistical nightmare as many of the venues and dates would already have been booked for other performers.

Fans with tickets to postponed shows will usually be able to simply hold onto those tickets and they will be valid for the rescheduled date, though refunds will also be available for those who can’t attend the new date. Shows that cannot be rescheduled are being cancelled and refunds given. This is obviously a disappointing time for music fans, though our sympathies and support should also be with the artists.

One solution to this has been provided by live streaming technology, with many musicians performing for their fans via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Many of which have been brilliant and given fans a sense of feeling closer to the artists.


The film industry is also suffering due to a lack of audiences. Cinema releases have been on hold due to nobody being allowed in cinemas, while many films still in production have had to stop filming due to the necessary social-distancing rules.

This throws up all sorts of challenges for filmmakers, especially for those in mid-production whose actors and crew may be booked for new projects due to start on dates they will need to complete their unfinished films.

There are a few interesting innovations that many events organisers are using to solve the problem of no audiences. One of these has been the return of the drive-in cinema where friends and families can remain socially-distanced in their vehicles while enjoying a movie on a large screen.

Drive-in cinemas were given permission to start screening films again at the end of June. These are a great way to get people out and do something enjoyable while adhering to the government guidelines

Reopening Timeline

Cinemas were given permission to reopen on the 4th July, although, many people will remain apprehensive about re-visiting. Therefore, it would be a great time to host an outdoor socially distanced cinema event.

The government has recently confirmed that conferences and exhibitions will be permitted from 1st October 2020. In the statement by the Prime Minister he underlined the value of face-to-face interaction.

Live music events have not yet been included in the Governments briefings that revealed which industries and events would be allowed to reopen as things ease. We will keep you posted on any developments.

Event organisers will continue to find ways to adapt to this evolving situation and our team will be with then every step of the way to ensure you provide entertainment.

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