Hosting indoor events can be a stressful but worthwhile experience, especially when you send everyone home happy at the end of the day. A good way to ensure your attendees have the best possible time is to install some well-placed LED screens.

Here are some of the reasons why high-resolution indoor LED screens can take your indoor event to the next level.

LED Screens create an exciting visual experience for your audience

Well-placed LED screens are a vital part of modern events as they ensure everyone can see what’s going on no matter where they are. Many audience members will either find their view obstructed or they will be too far away to really see what’s happening, so an LED screen solves these problems easily.

Large LED screens are already popular in indoor sports arenas, giving the spectators closer views of the action. Live indoor concerts also often use modular LED screens to ensure everyone can see the performers up close, even from the back of the crowd. You too can improve the visibility at your indoor event with one or more of our LED screens.

LED event screen hire
mobile LED screen hire
mobile LED screen hire

Deliver important information

LED screens at events are also crucial for displaying important information. This is especially useful during these Covid times where attendees must be informed of certain restrictions and other behavioural instructions they need to be aware of. You can also utilise indoor LED Screens to direct people where to go for the amenities and other site features, as well as showcasing the running order of your event’s sights and spectacles.

You can hire Indoor Modular LED screens dedicated to such information, which can be supplied from 6sqm (3m x 2m) up to any size screen required for your audience expectancy.

Advertising options

Having LED screens at your event also opens up the possibility of increasing your revenue through advertising. People in crowds tend to glance regularly at well placed LED screens, so they are a good source of advertising space plus you will also be able to have multiple advertisers using the same screen on a loop.

Speak to sponsors or reach out to businesses whose clientele is similar to the demographic attending your event.

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Indoor LED Screens Can Take Your Event To The Next Level
indoor LED screen hire for sporting events

Improving the overall experience

If you have a bar or food at your event, then LED screens will help keep the audience members queuing up informed as to what’s happening on the stage or elsewhere. At indoor festivals with multiple stalls and sights, this is a great way to keep the audience engaged. LED screens can attract them to something they might otherwise not have known was happening.

Modular Indoor LED screens will improve the overall experience for eventgoers, keeping them informed and making sure they don’t miss anything.

As well as providing Indoor LED screens for:

  • Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Advertising/Promotional
  • Retail Opportunities 
  • Sporting Events
  • Awards Shows
  • Concerts

Lightmedia also supplies modular & mobile LED Screens for a variety of Outdoor events. With over 25 years of experience, the Lightmedia team have provided stunning LED screens to numerous outdoor events.

  • Music Festivals & Concerts
  • Outdoor Cinemas
  • Sporting Events
  • Advertising/Promotional
  • Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Demonstrations

If you are organising an event and would like to know more about our range of LED screens, please contact our team on 0333 600 6000. Alternatively, complete our quote request here.