The Lightmedia team are super excited about all the outdoor events that are up and coming this summer, where we supply LED screens for a huge variety of different outdoor events. Including sports events, outdoor cinemas, music concerts/festivals, charity, and public events. Making the summer period very busy. Be sure to secure your LED screen solutions as soon as possible.

We are also very busy planning all the logistics for the King’s Coronation in May, where every single square meter of screen has been booked out for screenings all over the UK.

Summer Outdoor Events

12sqm Mobile LED Screens

The 12sqm is a perfect solution for your outdoor event requirements, with its rapid set up time, your screen can be up and running in just 10 minutes. The screens can be raised and rotated 360° to position towards your audience, making this specific solution perfect for outdoor events, with an expected audience up to 1000 people.

Our selection of 12sqm LED screens is a popular choice and is used for occasions such as the Football World cup, Euros screenings and other sporting events. The 12sqms actual 4mm pixel pitch also makes these solutions amazing for outdoor cinema viewings, city centre events for crowds ranging from small to large.

With its onboard production facilities and generator, it’s not only super easy to set up, but extremely reliable as well.

21sqm Mobile LED Screens

Another very popular solution is our 21 sqm trailer LED screen. Yet again an excellent choice of LED screening for outdoor events with medium to large crowds up to 3000 people. Similarly, to our 12sqm screens, the 21sqm can be rotated 360° and risen to a height of 6.8m from the ground. The trailer can also be detached from the vehicle and stand alone, to position the screen in tight areas.

The 21 sqm trailer solutions is used for a wide range of events, marathons, music festivals, political rallies, charity and sporting events, as audience viewing screens and scoreboards within stadiums. The versatility of the 21sqm solution really is endless.

21sqm Mobile outdoor event LED screen hire
27sqm Mobile outdoor event LED screen hire

27sqm Mobile LED Screens

Our 27sqm LED screen, otherwise known as the picture box, is another fantastically versatile solution. Its onboard hydraulic system enables the screen to be set up in just 15 minutes. The onboard generator and production facilities also ensures that your video content is displayed exactly how it was intended. From video content, branding/advertising, images and much more the 27sqm is a very popular solution for live music events with crowds up to 6,000 people.

This screen as well as the other screens in our fleet will also be used for the up-and-coming King’s Coronation in May, with huge crowds of spectators expected to watch the live screening of the King’s crowning.

45sqm Mobile LED Screens

The largest LED screen solution within our fleet is our 45sqm 360° otherwise known as the ‘Excalibur’. Its full broadcast production suite makes this screen a perfect solution for any outdoor live event. It has an astounding resolution, providing an excellent viewers experience for huge crowds up to 10,000 people.

This is one of the most popular solutions for large scale events, such as music festivals and concerts.

45sqm Mobile outdoor event LED screen hire

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