All Plan B Restrictions in England to be Lifted

Perhaps the best news for the events industry in England was Boris Johnson’s recent announcement that all Plan B restrictions will be lifted in the country from January 27. The restrictions currently include a requirement for Covid-passes and face-coverings for large events.

However, Johnson made a statement to Parliament this week saying: “Today’s ONS data shows clearly infections are falling, our scientists believe the Omicron wave has peaked nationally. Hospital admissions have now stabilised, admissions in London are falling.

“This morning, the cabinet concluded we can return to Plan A in England and allow Plan B to expire. As a result, from Thursday next week, mandatory certification will end. From now on the Government will no longer be asking people to work from home.

“Once regulations lapse, the Government will no longer mandate the wearing of facemasks anywhere. From tomorrow, we will no longer require facemasks in classrooms. We will continue to suggest they are used indoors or in crowded places but trust the judgement of the public.”

It should be noted that anyone testing positive for Covid-19 will still need to isolate for the required timeframe, but otherwise, we will soon be free to enjoy ourselves together once more.

The coming months

The lifting of restrictions is good news for the events industry as it means that a return to something resembling normality is on the horizon. The number of vaccinated people in the UK continues to rise, with over 77% of the population now having received at least one dose. Over 53% have already had their third booster dose, according to Our World in Data.

With this in mind, we are hopefully headed towards a period where we are able to see the events industry thrive again.

Looking Forward to Great Events

With so much disruption over the last couple of years, it is no wonder everybody is excited to get back to hosting and attending events. We are social and the restrictions on socialising during this Covid era have been a burden, but we are emerging from the pandemic and there is much to look forward to.

Sporting events will be back to full capacity, festivals on larger scales will be enjoyed in the summer, exhibitions and other business events will get back underway and so much more.  

While we must all remain cautious, follow health advice and take the necessary personal precautions, the year ahead is shaping up to be much more exciting than previously.

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