We use the latest production equipment from a wide range of manufacturers to create a bespoke solution for every event.  Whether it’s a simple laptop playout for an advertising campaign to a multi-camera 4k live sports production with action replay, on-screen graphics, social media and live broadcast, at LMD we have the equipment to make it happen.

The equipment we use comes from a wide range of manufacturers including but not exclusively – Barco, Black magic, Sony, Panasonic, Green Hippo, Vmix, Grass Vally and more.

In addition, we supply highly skilled and experienced operators and engineers to utilise the equipment to the highest standard, with many years of experience working in the events industry.

We can supply the entire solution from lens to screen with a wide range of cameras at our disposal. LMD can provide anything from a fully remote mobile self-contained manned camera sending back live coverage from the top of a mountain to a closeup mini-cam mounted on the keyboard of a piano at a large festival. We can supply whatever is needed to make your event the best it can be.

Outdoor events pose their own unique set of challenges and we enjoy meeting them. If you need to broadcast live, or even to radio and television networks, our outdoor screen broadcast technicians can help you every step of the way. The technical expertise of our staff will provide you with the ultimate live broadcast experience.

Equipment & Services available to hire

Outside Broadcast Vehicle

Our self-contained mobile full broadcast production vehicles can accept up to 18 digital and analogue inputs and 24 outputs. It has a caption generator, an extensive range of clip and still stores plus live graphics and a full monitoring system. It’s fully wireless and compact, fitting into the most complex of event locations. Our outside screen broadcast vehicle forms part of our commitment to technological advances and represents an expansion of Lightmedia Displays investment in the Broadcast Pix HD video production systems.

You can hire outside broadcast vehicles, fully equipped to broadcast live to radio or tv networks if required, or simply for the event from LMD.

The OB vehicles also incorporate a 15m mast for use with our Gigawave microwave systems, making this truck a total wireless OB, enabling us to work in more challenging areas.

  • Self contained mobile Full Broadcast Production vehicle
  • Can accept up to 18 Digital & analogue inputs and 24 outputs
  • Caption generator
  • Clip store / Film store
  • Live graphics and full monitoring system
  • HD and SD recording unit
  • Size of vehicle 6m L x 2m W x 3m H
  • Mast Height 15m
  • Weight 2,500kg

Cameras & Operators

We stock Ikegami, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Blackmagic broadcast cameras, as well as a variety of remote PTZ HotHead solutions, can be supplied with a variety of lenses, viewfinders and focus remotes. Full broadcast chains with RCP controls are available.

LMD supply camera operators where required.

We have several different wireless camera systems available to suit various budgets and situations.

Jimmy Jibs and Pole cams are available to hire individually or as part of your event production

Microwave Links

LMD stocks Gigawave microwave links equipment. The microwave links allow transmission of video and audio signals wirelessly between different locations. Distances of several kilometres can be achieved with careful planning.
microwave links

Live Streaming

We have a variety of live encoding solutions for broadcasting to the internet and beyond. We can utilise hardwired,4g and satellite connections to broadcast your event to a variety of platforms from social media to restricted access pay per view.


Lightmedia can supply satellite dishes and decoding equipment for Astra (Sky) and other geostationary television satellites. This can provide a resilient way to pick up television broadcasts for your screen. We also work closely with satellite uplink companies to provide solutions to send live content between locations.

Vision Mixers

We have a range of vision mixers, Sony, Panasonic, Black Magic, Vmix or Broadcast Pix available for hire either as individual units or packaged as part of one of our Portable Production Units (PPU.)

The PPU incorporates a vision mixer, audio and visual monitoring, record and playback facilities. Our PPU’s are a simple 1 or 2 flight case solution.

Sound & PA Systems

LMD can supply sound systems with the screens. Clearly, the requirements will vary according to the event and we would advise you to discuss this so we can ensure the right system is supplied for your event.

Social Media Streaming

Our Social media wall is a great feature to encourage audience interaction at your event and increase engagement with your social media presence. Let us know your Username/handle or chosen # & you can monitor and approve the posts that you’re happy to broadcast live to our big screens. These can play out on a loop at intervals throughout your event (or at specific times of your choosing). It’s a simple and effective way of promoting your event, bearing in mind that people’s tweets or posts will be seen on Social Media Channels worldwide as well as on our LED Screen at your event.


Lightmedia has worked with a vast amount of stage companies throughout the world, we have many contacts should you require us to assist in procuring one for your event. Steeldeck staging can be supplied if required.

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