45sqm 360° (Excalibur) LED Screen

Add Impact to your Event

The Excalibur LED screen truck is the largest mobile in the LMD fleet and rotates 360°.

Hiring this amazing, big screen with its full onboard production suite, gives you the ability to be up and running showing live video within 30 minutes.

Whether it’s for large festivals, concerts, sporting events, conferences, exhibitions, award ceremonies, product launches, seminars, fashion shows, outdoor events, we will ensure your event is truly memorable.

We stock matching pairs of our 45sqm LED screens, these can be branded for your event which can be an incredibly effective way to promote event partners and create a captivating experience for attendees. This can either be via trailer banners, vinyl wrap or utilise the screen itself for effective digital branding.

45sqm 360° (Excalibur) LED Screen Specification

  • Screen size – 9m W x 5m H
  • Size of truck & trailer 16m L x 3m W x 4m H
  • Size of trailer 13m L x 2.5m W x 4m H (with cab removed)
  • When raised, distance from bottom of LED screen to ground 4.5m H
  • Total weight – 38,000kg (without cab 31,000kg)
  • Actual 5mm pixel pitch
  • Supplied with an onboard generator
  • Full Broadcast Production suite
  • 30 minute set up
  • Wind loading 35mph constant with a 38mph occasional gusting
  • 8 input digital vision mixer with down stream keyer
  • Full talk back systems / full visual monitoring systems
  • Scan converter
  • 12 channel sound desk
  • Computer graphics play out
  • Laptop computer for PowerPoint

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