95″ LCD Display Screen

A perfect addition to your event

Lightmedia can also supply a range of LCD Displays to enhance your event, as a great accompaniment to the LED Screens.
We’d like to introduce you to our newest indoor screen available for hire 95″ Samsung smart LCD Display screen.

95″ Samsung Smart LCD Screen 

This amazing screen is the largest amongst our range of LCD display screens. It has fantastic dimensions of 2.127 metres in width and 1.210 metres in height, ensuring to engage a large crowd or audience of up to 200-300 people. The ideal viewing distance for a screen this size is 15 feet and above, also making it suitable for large venues and conference halls. It also has an incredible ultra-high-definition video output resolution of 3840 X 2160. Giving you the most sharp and clearest image, you could possibly imagine. It has an amazing range of brightness as well as incredibly vivid colour displays. The motions are amazingly realistic and uncompressed due to the supportive progressive frame rates, enabling smooth, cinematic, and immersive visuals.

Perfect for:

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Exhibitions
  • VIP areas
  • Gaming & VR
  • General Presentations

It also includes Wi-Fi, a heavy-duty mount with wheels that can be lowered and risen, and a Samsung remote control. The smart feature also allows you to download any application Samsung has available. Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, Now TV and many more! The audio sound is also exceptional for large audiences, however, additional sound equipment can also be provided.

Other screen sizes available to hire:

In addition to our 95″ LCD Display Screen, Lightmedia also stocks a selection of screens ranging from 55” – 65”

55” Plasma Screens

Our 55” screens also have high-definition resolutions and excellent sound systems, suitable for an audience around 50 – 150 people. Our touch 55″ screen is super easy to set up with HDMI inputs to laptops, gaming systems, DVD players and much more. The touch screen interaction is also amazing for conference meetings, school presentations, as well as gaming and VR. The touch feature is smooth and well configured to give you a compelling interactive experience suitable for younger and older viewers. All our 55” Plasma Screens are a perfect solution for captivating your crowd specifically smaller audiences.

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