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Who Are Lightmedia? And What Do We Do?

Lightmedia Displays Ltd was established in 1997 by Eddie Smith and is celebrating their 21st year in the Screen Industry. Eddie purchased the first LED screen to be brought into the UK and this naturally evolved to what the company has become today.  Providing Indoor & Outdoor LED screens to some of the most prestigious events throughout the UK and the World.

Our knowledge and skills base has been built on the foundations of a wealth of experience throughout the events industry. Lightmedia Displays provides a high calibre team, all of whom are leaders in their chosen field. There are no parent or associated companies involved in Lightmedia and there have been no changes in ownership since the concept of the company.

Lightmedia Displays Ltd has supplied to the events industry, councils and event management companies mobile and modular LED screens all over the world. Their vast fleet of mobile units ranges from 12sqm-45sqm LED screens, some of which can rotate 360 degrees. We have a stock of over 100sqm of 4.8mm Actual Pixel Pitch Modular LED screens which can be built to any size required.

Lightmedia has a fleet of 14 LED trucks, each truck has an onboard generator, a full production suite that can take inputs from almost all sources, these are mixed through the onboard vision mixing desks and output to our screens (on occasions we also supply feed for third party screens and plasmas at the same events).

We have an inventory of Broadcast quality camera systems, including tripods, monitors and all lenses as required for different events that are paired with the mobile screens to offer our client a one-stop event shop. All of our broadcast equipment is Sony, Panasonic or equivalent top worldwide brands.

The mobile screens are all self-contained and can be up and running and showing live video within 20 minutes after arriving on site, this is great for the after event de-rig and getting the sites cleared promptly.

What are some notable events you work on? 

LMD have the capability and experience and have successfully provided multiple screens in multiple locations to a very tight production schedule, this has been demonstrated on many occasions throughout the 20 years Lightmedia has been providing such screens to the event industry. Many of these events were one-day events where the timeframes were time critical. The events were performed exactly to the criteria of the client and exceeded their expectations.

The following are just a few recent examples of such events:-

  • Liverpool Council – Supplier of LED screens for numerous events
  • Manchester Council – Supplier of all LED screens for all their outdoor events
  • 2016 Olympic Homecoming Parade
  • Bingley Music Live – Supplier of 2 x modular LED screens and full production service
  • Godiva Festival – supplier of LED Screen and full production service
  • National Armed Forces Day Nottingham
  • Step Short Folkestone, 100 year anniversary of World War One
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Political Rallies
  • MTV Awards – Milan
  • NME Awards – London
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Tour De Yorkshire
  • Xbox One Launch – Leicester Square – screens & cameras
  • Cancer Research UK – the main supplier of mobile LED screens and cameras for all their Race for Life events
  • HM Queen’s Jubilee celebrations – 17 screens throughout London
  • 2012 UK Olympics – 19 screens all over the UK including the Channel Islands
  • Tour de France 2014 – 17 screens on the route in different locations throughout Yorkshire
  • Nike 10k Run London – 8 screens all over London inter-linked by satellite and microwave systems with participant interactive technology.

How has your sector changed in the last 21 years? 

The most notable thing to change in the last 21 years is the resolution of screens, 20 years ago we were using a Virtual pixel system, a 30mm pixel with a strategic extra pixel would be called a VP15, this, in fact, tricked the eye into thinking the resolution was twice as good. But, the resolution was around 34 pixels x 34 pixels giving us 1156 pixels per square meter. Today our outdoor fleet of screens have a resolution of 208 x 208 pixels or 43,264 pixels per square meter, that’s 37 times the resolution of 21 years ago.

Back then the screen reliability was not the best, if you went through a show without a repair then you were doing good, now reliability is one of the most important factors when purchasing, along with the reputation of the manufacturer. Prices of the screens are one-tenth of the price they were 21 years ago, although the prices have changed so much this is not always a good thing for the industry. There are some horrendously cheap screens coming into the UK, many without CE certification, without safety tests and these are being used everywhere.  We get many calls from companies who have bought these screens and once they arrive the suppliers disappear leaving the customers with no backup and a product that is unsafe and unusable.

Clients who hire these substandard screens think they are getting a bargain but in reality, they may however just be getting a major problem when something fails, ruining a show. They may be cheap, but we have a saying “Quality and Piece of Mind isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless” 21 years of hiring LED Screens and thousands of clients proves this.

Have you seen any notable trends in 2018?  

The most asked question is “can the screens be interactive?”  the answer is yes.

They can be linked to almost all forms of social media and we have seen a rise in touch surface technology, this is something that we have been using for our retail clients.  The touch technology is a fantastic addition, it was used by a major client for Wimbledon week and from the feedback, we had the client had queues outside the venue to actually play the interactive game.

Clients are asking for tighter pixel pitches and higher resolution screens all the time, we are now supplying 4K resolution screens. Even after 21 years doing this job it’s still mind-blowing for me that we have come so far, but it’s not slowing down, I recently witnessed a screen with a 0.9mm resolution that is 1.2million pixels per square meter.

When will technology slowdown? – I don’t think it will.

Whats the best part of working in your sector? 

Being part of a fantastic industry that never stands still and being involved with some of the most diverse and interesting events that are created by some of the most creative clients you could ever want to be associated with.

To find out more information about Lightmedia or our range of screens including interactive screens and 4K screen, please contact our friendly team on 0333 600 6000 or

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LMD were a great company to work with. Both prior to the event and during our event weekend, the team were extremely helpful and easy to work with. Ian and Andrew who attended the event weekend were very helpful and a pleasure, fitted in well with the rest of the event team. They went above and beyond what was asked of them and provided fantastic results throughout our live stream. We will most definitely work with them again and use LMD services.


World Cup Screening

Excellent Service, as always


The helpfulness and expertise from the very first moment. Wide range of products that fitted our needs and budget.


Excellent service throughout. Extremely helpful staff with a real depth of knowledge.


Private Party

What attracted you to Lightmedia Displays? “The dynamic Sales Team”

Victorious Festivals

Having the meeting with Ian before the event was very helpful -actually going through how things work is really useful – especially if people are non tech. Ian was great – very helpful – great to have him and team onboard at the event.


Manchester Histories

Beth and Kim in the office were both very helpful and the team on site were great especially Ian who went out of his way to get things right for the show. A pleasure to work with.


Peterloo Memorial – 200 years Commemoration

Pleasure working with you, and very happy with my choice switching from my previous supplier to LMD. Excellent Service on all 4 events


Yorkshire Wildlife Park – Safari Nights

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU. Not only did you save us from having to cancel an event that was planned months in advance but also you restored our faith in the community spirit. We were let down by a similar company, a day prior to the planned event with no warning or communication.

What a result, the event was such a success thanks to your kindness and we received amazing reviews.

St Robert’s Helping Hands


Outdoor Cinema Event – Harrogate

Excellent service & we highly recommend Lightmedia 🙂

Brighton Speed Trials

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